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Catalog > How to Make Hair Bows Instructions E-Book

How to Make Hair Bows Instructions E-Book

How to Make Hair Bows Instructions E-Book

THIS PRODUCT IS AN  E-BOOK that you will receive via email and read on your computer (PDF), not a physical boo

Now receive even MORE benefits when you purchase SBB Instructions!!!!!
What will I all get you ask?
First off, rest assured you will ALWAYS have support when needed, from our Support group of ladies! The Sweet Baby Bowtique BOWFRIENDS Discussion Forum is a wonderful group of bow makers that are always there for you whether you are excited to post a picture of your first bow, need reassurance, or just have questions!  When you purchase our instructions you will also automatically gain access to our paid Subscription Chat area where you will also be able to view out extensive Gymboree Color ribbon charts!
So here's what you will receive when you purchase SBB Hair Bow Instructions(You will receive sooo SO much more than other basic hair bow instructions out there on the internet! You will be so pleased with how much you receive for your money!!)...
~ Sweet Baby Bowtique's Make Boutique Hair Bows Instructions Complete Publication ~PDF (85 pages long with OVER 170 Full Color Photos and with step-by-step text descriptions)
~ Our TWO Instruction UPDATES that equal to be 50 more pages of Instructions!!
~ FREE Lifetime Updates
~ SBB Boutique Hair Band Instructions
~ Embellished baby clippie instructions 
~ How to Make those Fun Over The Top Hair Bows!
~ SBB Embellished Bow Flip Flops Instructions
~ How to Make an Initial Hair Bow Holder
~ SBB Loopty Loop Bows Instructions
~SBB Korker Bow Instructions
~SBB Basic Beaded Barrette Instructions
~My WHOLESALE Buying Links! I'll show you where to buy high quality RIBBON at super CHEAP prices, no tax ID required! I will show you where to buy ALL supplies needed to make hair bows.  Invaluable links!
~ Supplies *Shopping List* ready to be printed for a quick shopping reference
~I'll show you where and how to get a Tax ID should you decide to make your new bow making hobby a BUSINESS!  I also give you some hair bow business tips in this PDF!
~ And of course, NO sewing required and NO silly bow maker required! Believe me, true boutique bows are not made with wooden dowels that just get in your way ;)
~ PLUS get the reassurance that you are buying from a well experienced, true professional that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her instructions and has personally trained students in workshops throughout the country and Canada. Who has a boutique and has been making hair bows for the past 5 years....sells to boutiques across the country... and has gifted the Stars with her products! Plus I am always here to help you 1 on 1!! Never hesitate to contact me with your bow making questions after purchase. 
I will show you how to make pretty much every bow on my website!!  If there is not a newly added to my website one not included it will be in an update soon!
Sweet Baby Bowtique... often imitated, NEVER duplicated!!
Start making your very own beautiful boutique hair bows TODAY! AND, I'm always here to help :)

Why buy from me!? ~I am an established hair bow designer that has been making bows for 5 years ~Learn from my trial and errors! I will share ALL of my personal tips! ~ My Instruction book is 85 pages long with OVER 170 full color photos, and my updates Instructions is 45 pages long!!! I don't leave out a thing!

My Instruction manual is jammed pack full of Step-by-Step color picture illustrations and text descriptions! My pictures and detailed lessons will walk you thorugh step-by-step while you learn each and every bow. You will learn how to make korker bows, basic boutique grosgrain bows, ruffle bows, organza bows, baby clippies, those oh so popular funky grosgrain bows that you see everywhere, twist bows, diamond cut, inside out bows, infant bowbands + sooo much more (almost everything you see here on my website you will learn how to make!)! I will even show you how to make those gorgeous hair sparklie/gem barrettes + so much more!!!! I also include a Ribbon Length Chart for several bow sizes...so you can get started making bows right away with no guess work!  I teach you how to make big and small bows.

With Sweet Baby Bowtique's Instructions you will be making gorgeous boutique bows in no time at all! PERFECT for the beginner and advanced hair bow designer. Once you learn the basics let you imagination go wild and you will be creating 1000's of your own unique hair bows! I have taken a lot of time and work to make my instructions the perfect learning tool to guide you along the way while you learn how to make bows...down to the smallest details...each and every technique... so you can learn the correct way... right away!!
This is for the PDF Instructions!! You will need Adobe Reader to view your PDF file. I will send you a link for a free download of the viewer if you do not already have it. PDF files makes for quick and easy reading. I email out Instructions SUPER FAST, same day always...within hours most of the times...and quite often within minutes since I am online working so much :)  
If you are purchasing JUST  PDF Instructions and no bows with your order then please enter Voucher Code: freeship1 at checkout so you get free shipping on your PDF purchase! If you purchase bows or instructions CD's etc... any actual item that needs to be mailed to you in addition to the PDF instructions, DO NOT add free ship voucher or your items will not be shipped because the shipping charges were not paid!!

CLICK HERE-Hair Bow Instructions Table Of Contents

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